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  • This a full exterior detail with a 1 step paint enhancement

    Starting at 200.00
  • The removal of paint defects, swirl marks, marring and hazing.

    Starting at $500.00
  • This service is for a deep interior detail of your vehicle.

    Starting at $250.00
  • Exterior and interior package combined

    Starting at $350.00
  • Protect your car, boats and RVS from UV, Oxidation, Acid Rain, Bird dr...

    Starting at $500
  • Restore your headlights to their original look and functionality.

    Starting at $50.00

  • 75 US dollars

A proper detailing preserves the surfaces as the paint, glass, wheels, seats, carpets, and dashboard are finished off with protectant. This protectant guards against attack from paint-staining tar and leaves, clearcoat-eating bird droppings and bug splatter, and even paint scratches and interior spills.

A proper detail is recommended every four months to remove the dirt and bonded contaminants that sit and fester on the paint. This dirt, combined with time, compromises integrity causing the paint to peel, rust to form, and in extreme cases: cause the wheels to weaken from the corrosive asbestos dust brakes produce.

Protectants enhance shine, depth, and reflections of the clean car’s paint and help it stay cleaner, longer because it makes the paint slicker. This reduces surface tension making dust more susceptible to sliding off than accumulating on the surface.

Protectants guard the paint from harm from about any environmental contaminant you could imagine: UV rays, bird droppings, tree sap, road tar, metal particles, acid rain, and too many more to list!

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